Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

10 Mar

To celebrate my blog (MY OTHER ONE O_o)’s 1000th view, I’m gonna throw a party 😀 Be there!

Game: ourWorld

Where: Pinky’s Condo

Why: To celebrate my blog’s 1000th view!

When: March 12, 2011, 3:00 pm

Who: Pinky (I changed my name to Pinky ;D)


[Ameba Pico] Scheduled Server Maintenance

9 Mar

Ameba Pico will be having a maintenance on March 10, 2011. This will affect all servers, and will last for approximately 3 hours, from 0:00 am-3:00 am.

~hannah glass, head of chat games, Ameba Pico: Katrynia.

P.S.: It’s Ameba Pico’s 1st anniversary! I didn’t know Ameba Pico was so…young. o.o

Ally and Mercy have ourWorld! (;

9 Mar

Ally: AllyMinnieMouse

Mercy: MercyMickeyMouse


~ha/\//\/ah glass, head of chat games, ourWorld: Pinky

I am resigning

8 Mar

Hello it is me Mercy Delves aka the sister of Dahlia Grace.

I have decided that I will be applying for Skeleton Key Middle School so I don’t really have the time to blog anymore.

I don’t really know how you can balance blogging and school I think it is magic.

Sorry May you will have to do those annoying kid educational games again.

I will be back in time for Spring Break and I will blog more when I have free time during summer.

Also I have a ton of exams I am not supposed to be online according to mom.

I hope I will see Ally, Dahlia, Kelly and Hannah at Skeleton Key (if I get in I hope I do or I wasted my time on exams.)

Percy Jackson Delves, aka Mercy. I love you Ally (wifey <3)

AdventureQuest: March 4th, 2011 Release

7 Mar

In this release, the Nemesis Set, previously sold at Frostvale, gets a remake. I am not entirely sure of the difference between the new Nemesis Set and the old one, but I do know that you now have to complete a quest to buy the set. (boo to Artix Entertainment!)

~Қelly қennel, head of fighting games, AdventureQuest: Cardcaptor Sakura

~ Gem Codes ~ March 7 – March 14

7 Mar

► Facebook (10 Gems) ◄


► Coin Fountain ◄


►  Monthly (10 Gems) ◄


~hαnnαh glαss, head of chat games. ourWorld: Pinky

One last addition to the family… :)

23 Feb

Please tell me if it’s ok, Ally 😛


My brother. He was named after Percy Jackson, but just like I hate Thalia he hates Percy. He does “educational” games, like Secret Builders and BrainNook.

~ ☮◕‿◕Dahlia♥Grace ◕‿◕☮